How to Attract Men: New Book Reveals Secrets To Dating and Keeping The Right Man

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) August 30, 2007 — Naomi Miller, international relationship expert, marriage consultant and author, has searched all 4 corners of the earth, interviewed top experts in the field, and synthesized 12 years of extensive research and counseling expertise to create the ultimate dating and relationship guide describing what every woman should know about how to find, attract and keep her elusive Mr. Right.

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Through her research, Miller realized that many single women don’t have the slightest idea what to do when on the dating scene. Additionally, the common sense and conventional tactics that most women use when interacting with men often prove counterproductive to building lasting relationships.

“We have so many other things in life that we are prepared for,” says Miller, “like schooling, driving tests, etc., but nothing prepares us for what men expect when they are dating women! It can be hard enough to put yourself out there and look for quality men, let alone know what to do to keep that man when they show an interest.”

“The common wisdom that most women use with men often works against them when it comes to building lasting appeal,” adds Miller. “In reality, what works to trigger attraction and a deep emotional desire for commitment in a man isn’t the common female conception of love and seduction. ”

According to Miller, in order to find and build attraction and lasting appeal with Mr. Right, every woman must first learn how to optimize and acknowledge her internal and external unique qualities, learn to perceive one’s self as a complete person, and overcome the emotional, psychological and behavioral obstacles that are built into male/female communication and relationship dynamics.

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In her new book, Miller also spells out step-by-step “how-to” advice to find Mr. Right amid a sea of Mr. Wrongs and avoid the differences and repellants that drive so many men and women apart. “Knowing beforehand how to distinguish between incompatible men from those who are ready for commitment,” says Miller, “along with avoiding the common repellants that drive men away, explains what makes a man want to stay connected and intimate with one woman and not another.”

“By building an intellectual and emotional attraction on top of the common physical desire,” adds Miller, “women can actually pave the way to long-term commitment and relationships that are built on deep foundations and lasting appeal.”

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In writing this book, Miller, a marriage consultant and relationships expert, has synthesized her extensive research of human behavior and evolutionary psychology into a clear text that outlines step-by-step advice and techniques for women to use their charisma, individual qualities and femininity to successfully attract, date and keep the right man without coming across as pushy and without pop-psychology and sexist advice.

“The methods outlined in the book,” says Miller, “are effective yet are not aimed at compromising your character, individual qualities or sense of self-respect. It’s not about manipulating men or pretending to be something you aren’t. In fact, it’s about going deep within yourself to discover the confidence, irresistibility, and courage to flirt, chat, and interact successfully with men while knowing how to select the right man for you.”

Here are some of the things Miller discusses in her new book

·    Overcome shyness and self-doubt

·    Be more confident and improve your communication skills

·    Dramatically enhance your charisma

·    Find Mr. Right amid a sea of Mr. Wrongs

·    Attract men in a way that suits any woman – no matter what her age!

·    Create the Perfect first date

·    Pave the way to a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.

Since its release in early 2006, The Ultimate Woman’s Guide To Dating?, the result of 12 years of field research and counseling experience, has literally helped thousands of women worldwide to become irresistibly attractive and achieve lasting and meaningful relationships.

In a message to Miller, Annie Gronner from the U.K writes: “Your practical and scientific approach to finding Mr. Right and building a strong relationship was so enlightening and priceless. I have since met a guy which I strongly believe to be THE ONE and I wish to thank you in person.”

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