Updated Photo Gallery Features Possibilities With Concrete Furniture

Yucaipa, CA (PRWEB) October 5, 2007 — Like most other homeowners, when it comes to furnishing a home, one looks for pieces that are stylish, versatile, and a reflection of self. The Concrete Network, the largest and most comprehensive source for concrete information, offers a recently updated online concrete furniture photo gallery (http://www.concretenetwork.com/photo_library/concrete_furniture.htm) filled with several examples exhibiting design ideas on creating one-of-a-kind furniture pieces for your home or office using concrete.

Updating your interior and exterior décor by using innovative concrete techniques is a great way to enhance the look of your home. Many don’t realize that concrete can be used in myriad other ways to furnish and bring a sense of style home through concrete furniture (http://www.concretenetwork.com/concrete/furniture/index.html) — inside and out.

Concrete offers many qualities for furniture and is innovatively being used for tables, benches, bookcases and even chairs in homes and offices around the world. Concrete is extremely versatile and can be formed to accommodate any type of existing space restrictions.

The concrete photo gallery is updated every Friday offering new photos of custom and unique designs and applications. Photos for the photo gallery have been collected from contractors around the United States and Canada and are for design idea purposes only.

Established in 1999, The Concrete Network’s (http://www.concretenetwork.com/) purpose is to educate consumers, builders, and contractors on popular decorative techniques and applications. These include stamped concrete, stained concrete floors, concrete countertops, polished concrete, and much more. In July 2007 The Concrete Network Website had over 1.3 million visitors researching decorative concrete.

The site excels at connecting buyers with local contractors in their area through its Find-A-Contractor (http://www.concretenetwork.com/contractors) service. The service provides visitors with a list of decorative concrete contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada, and is fully searchable by 23 types of decorative concrete work and 202 regional areas throughout North America.

Article photo courtesy of Rafter C Precast Concrete (http://www.raftercprecast.com). Attached photo courtesy of Concrete-N-Counters (http://www.concretencounters.com).


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