Top 10 First Date Don’ts – For Him

Learning from our mistakes is important. According to 12 step groups, it’s the only way to remain sane. How about learning from the mistakes of others?

One of the wonderful things about being a human being is that our experience can be shared and collective problems solved in the same trick. Having an older brother helped me a great deal, as I grew up and started to find girls more captivating than fishing became with my Dad. I discovered that although some of the tricks that landed me a fish would also secure me a date, actually making the date a success was another matter altogether. Landing a girl can often see her thrashing around, dripping wet and gasping for breath, but this is simply not guaranteed.

The saying goes that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and no example of human interaction (not even the dreaded job interview) better represents this warning than the first date. With that in mind, here are my top 10 things to avoid on a first date.

(1) Don’t talk about past relationships – Apart from detracting from emotional states associated with your own interaction, you might give her the impression that this is how you’ll talk about her when the relationship is over.

(2) Don’t call your date a ‘woman’ – Ross Jeffries, the creator of ‘Speed Seduction’ says that if you want anything sexual to come from your hot date, make it hot by showing her that you see her as a young, sexual person, not an old lady. Jeffries suggests we use ‘girl’ instead of woman.

(3) Don’t tell her you love her – You might get away with it a couple of times but more intelligent, experienced and emotionally healthy girls will become suspicious and are certain to tell their friends anyway.

(4) Don’t mention your favourite football team more than once – Plan exactly when and how you’re going to talk about this in advance and stick to your plan like glue. More than 50 words on this topic and you’ll need energy drinks on hand to wake her up and anyway, can’t you think of anything else to talk about?

(5) Don’t flash your cash – Ok, you’ve got a great job, great! Hers is better, so stop trying to impress her in this shallow way.

(6) Don’t talk about sex – “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach,” Replace ‘teach’ with talk.

(7) Don’t not listen to her – Women like the idea that a discussion is an extended, collaborative and equal sharing of views on a given subject. Play along.

(8) Don’t try too hard – This speaks to every aspect of your date. If she doesn’t like you, it’s OK, she might not be the right girl for you. Be yourself and don’t’ try to score high on any scale that you think she might be measuring you on.

(9) Don’t talk about yourself (much) – A man should be somewhat mysterious and besides, taking interest in her life will give the illusion of sensitivity and perceptiveness when you’re able to tell her what she just said.

(10) Even if she’s wrong about being a feminist, a catholic or a vegetarian, don’t tell her don’t tell her yet; there are more important things to discuss on this occasion.

Joebloggs is a single psychology graduate from London, England, who has used the web to meet dozens of beautiful and interesting women without paying the most well known and expensive dating sites a fortune in the process.

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